Palo Alto Litigation Lawyers Contest Powers of Attorney

Chiles and Prochnow can assist when a power of attorney is abused

A power of attorney is a legal instrument that allows another to act on your behalf. Typical power of attorney agreements include provisions that handle:

  • Tax matters
  • The ability to create and amend trusts
  • The ability to make gifts or other transfers
  • The ability to buy or sell property
  • The right to access safe deposit boxes
  • The authority to enter into contracts
  • The ability to make healthcare decisions

Why would someone create a power of attorney?

There are many reasons to establish a power of attorney, but often the grantor anticipates he will become incapacitated or otherwise unable to handle his affairs. Common causes for incapacity include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)
  • Head injury
  • Neck injury
  • Spine injury
  • Old age
  • Dementia
  • Wasting due to cancer or cancer treatment
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Brain injury
  • Stroke
  • Huntington’s disease

Contesting powers of attorney

A power of attorney may be challenged for a variety of reasons including fraud, abuse or other financial improprieties.

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